Lecture Areas

Peter offers inspirational speeches in following areas

  1. Passion for life and Passion for work
  2. To challenge yourself and find your inner strength when the unexpected happens.
  3. How to create your goals and reach your vision
  4. Creative thinking and dare to try the unknown outside your own comfort zone.
  5. Nothing is impossible as long as you believe in yourself and dare to be your true self
  6. How one moment in life can change your life and the fight to come back against all odds?
  7. Positive attitude is the key to success.

Peter offers also, based on his inspirational speeches, a half-day reflecting workshop for teams, working groups, companies and corporations focusing on:

  1. To build a stronger team based on reflections and exercises on individual, team and company level.
  2. To define common goals and work processes within the group.
  3. To give deeper knowledge of each other’s strengths and weaknesses and how to connect this to common goals and processes.
  4. To talk about peaks and valleys in life and connect these learning experiences to the common goals and processes.
  5. Nothing is impossible as long as you believe in yourself and the team.
  6. Never give up when the unexpected happens.

Individual preparations are made before the workshop. At the workshop the participants will go through following steps

Step 1 – Goal and Process Mapping
Step 2 – Inspirational speech
Step 3 – Peaks and valleys
Step 4 – Reflection and discussion
Step 5 – homework with purpose declaration

Please contact Peter to find out how the reflecting workshop can be adjusted to fit your companies, corporations or team’s needs.