Peter has made over 150 performances in 16 countries on five continents.

Please find a brief selection of references from Peter’s customers.

Per Thöresson, Ambassador at the Swedish Diplomatic Mission to the United Nations in New York via Twitter
"Just had the privilege to listen to a very inspirational lecture by Peter Åberg @upplevdindrom. Highly recommended"

Annette Egelund Larsen, Director Nordic South African Business Association
“Thank you so much for sharing your amazing story and philosophy of life with us. It was a very powerful and inspirational massage you delivered! Many of our guests actually asked for you afterwards while we were networking. “

Pontus Rosenberg, Deputy Head of Mission, Swedish Embassy in Colombia
“A true pleasure to get to know you and to have you at our Ambassador’s residence. Your lecture was highly appreciated!”

Ewa Kurman-Grzybko, Head Master at Stratowa High School in Poland” Thank you so much for your visit in our school! It was both an excellent professional presentation and a moving experience for the students, my fellow teachers and myself. “

Jens Lyckman, Managing Director Clarion Hotel & Congress Malmö Live on LinkedIn
“Thanks for such an inspirational lecture. We were all stunned!”

Tina Choobin, Project Manager at Swedish Unemployment Agency
“My colleagues were impressed about your experiences and your will to live. What an amazing survival instinct you have!”

Stig Nordlund, Rotary Båstad
” I have been a member of Rotary for 48 years and I have listened to many speeches. Your speech is one of the ten best speeches I have ever listened to.”

Cecilia Brandshoi, Sales Manager Grand Hotel
“We had many good comments about your very inspiring and thoughtful speech. It is amazing to listen to your experiences and even more fantastic that you are back in life with energy, courage and motivation.”

Christoffer Carlsson, Head Coach of a Swedish National Sports Team” I am so grateful that you could come and speak for us. I have heard from several people that they highly appreciated your speech and have talked about it in different situations during our training camp to prepare for the World Championships. Very exciting and moving story”

Cecilia Kindborg, McNeil
” Fantastic praises from the audience and very appreciated. You rock!! You are filled with energy and have a very engaging way of speaking for the audience while you talk about different aspects of life. ”

Anna Thulin, Regional Sales Manager, Feelgood
” Peter is a very inspiring person whom generously shares his personal experiences. ”

Magnus Mårtensson, Teacher
” You spoke in a very engaging and varied way. You gave us many ideas about the possibility of opportunities we can have in our lives. Our students thought it was interesting and I am sure several of them had a lot of reflections after your speech.”

Jonas Lindström, Managing Director Swedish Brazilian Chamber of Commerce
“Peter gave a very inspirational speech to our members at the Swedish Brazilian Chamber of Commerce on May 18. Peter's story is fantastic and should be told to anyone who sometimes feel that work and even life itself are too hard to bare. It is true that life goes up and down, but Peter's story teaches us that there is always a way up, especially if we seize all the positive moments that still occur and build on those with optimism and help from family, friends and work colleagues.”

Lars Bjurström, Siriusordern
“The audience where lyrical to listen to your speech.”

Tony Reeler, Head Master at The Boys High in Pretoria, South Africa” Thank you for a wonderful visit this morning. It was a real pleasure to meet you and hear your amazing story.”

Peter Lindqvist, Rotary Malmö City, Past President
“A very inspiring speech with many clues for thought that leads to reflection and to have goals in your life, private as well as in your profession.”